The Bowie Shirt


The Bowie Shirt

It was back in 1982 (ish) and I remember wearing an old raggedy shirt with a funky looking guy with partial mullet and a bright red lightning stripe on his face. 

I thought the shirt was incredibly cool and most of the older crowd who saw me wearing it thought the same. It wasn't until I grew out of that shirt did I realize who that skinny-faced guy was. 

"Modern Love" was the song that did it for me. Followed by, in my opinion, the greatest duet ever - Freddie Mercury and Bowie performing "Under Pressure." (Look it up.) The notable songs continued and my dig into the history of his other songs helped shape my appreciation for his craft.  

Long story short, the inspiration for this shirt comes from my time growing up to love the artist David Bowie. The shirt reflects that shirt I wore way back in 1982 and the memories speak for themselves.

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