How'd We Get Here?


How'd We Get Here?

I always get asked about how and why Hipster Wannabe was started...

To be honest, it has been a stretched-out idea for a number of years.

I am truly blessed to do what I love working out of my design studio Glow Creative. The bulk of what I do now involves websites, mobile and digital.  All things I LOVE to do, but I can never TOUCH the final product.    

Back when I started (I am aging myself), I produced print. Things like magazines, billboards, stationary, packaging, etc. When the job was finished, I could touch it, feel it. 

Things started to shift a bit while doing some retail shirts for a number of my bigger clients like the Portland Trail Blazers, the Bruce Lee Foundation, Soles4Souls, San Antonio Spurs, Seattle Storm, etc.

I started to proudly wear some of the gear I designed for those clients and it seemed like every time I wore one of my creations I'd get asked about it.  

Which got me thinking... Combined with everything I have learned through my years as a creative professional along the countless ideas that were pitched, but never acted on, I have a treasure-chest full of incredible ideas.

Hipster Wannabe was created to allow a lot of these ideas to take form. I have been a T-shirt freak since I was a teenager and the ability to push these designs out is refreshing. 

I am a perfectionist. I produce top-quality projects for my clients. I will do the same with all the the shirts created here... Exceptional quality, locally printed, made in the USA. There will be nothing cheap. Everything is quality-driven. Heck, if my name is on it, it's going to reflect the artist.

Here's hoping you enjoy the shirts. And don't be surprised if a stranger asks you about the shirt you're wearing. And if they do... Please pass the name around!

Thanks everyone!

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